Somaliland will never surrender to terrorist groups

Somaliland will never surrender to terrorist groups
by Abdulazez Al-Motairi
October 30, 2008
Terrorist bomb attack stroke important places in Hargiesa, Capital of Somaliland, and killed 31 innocent people including students, children, women and elderly. Such barbaric attack was clearly a terrorist plan to disturb the growing democracy in Somaliland particularly on going Electronic Voter Registration.
Somaliland Election Commission completed registration process at Sahil Region and started at Awdal Region. Somaliland is committed to register its citizens, in order to carry out free and fair elections. Somaliland is one of the rare countries in Africa, in which the citizens are counted electronically.
I call the people of Somaliland to closely cooperate with authorities including the Police against the terrorist. The citizens should alert the police incase of any suspected individuals.
I, as friend of Somaliland, convey my condolences to the President of Somaliland, Vice President, Parliament, House of Elders and the Free People of Somaliland.Read the below article by Somalilander Intellectual:Written by Mohamed-Aar A Mohamed

Oct 29, 2008 at 01:04 PM
There have been three almost simultaneous suicide attacks in Hargeisa this morning.
One attack was directed at Somaliland´s presidential palace, but was successfully rebuffed by the presidential guard and the police force. The second attack was on the office of the UNDP, which caused lot of damage. But the most devastating one took place in the Ethiopian mission in Hargeisa, where we are still working on identifying bodies. Most of the victims where people who went there to get visas to enter Ethiopia. So far the death toll is over 19 and there are more casualties in Hargeisa General Hospital. Right now Hargeisa is going through what Nairobi went through in August1998.Somaliland has never witnessed such attacks before. We have been very lucky at foiling them as well deterring any terrorist attack on our soil. However, this time it appears that the dark forces that has been destabilising many parts of this world have succeeded to commit terrorist attacks in Somaliland.
The government of Somaliland is now pursuing leads to those who instigated, aided and carried out this barbaric terrorist attacks. We do understand most of our neighbouring countries are assisting us in this endeavour, bar Somalia proper where there is no functioning government with whom we could deal. Unfortunately, Somalia proper has become fertile place for terrorists, where they train their would-be suicide bombers and then wage terrorist attacks on neighbouring countries.
Somaliland will be doing everything with which to ensure the safety of the public within Somaliland and forewarns that this may entail some restrictions. Somaliland will never surrender to terrorist groups. The government of Somaliland calls upon Somalilanders to unit with the view of making Somaliland saver place for all of us.
This morning´s terrorist attacks would not stop the voter registration process, which has been taking place in Somaliland.
Posted: Mohamed-Aar A Mohamed BSc, MSc, PhD
Somaliland ambassador at
Source : American Chronicle via google alerts