Ethiopia - Scapegoat for defeat in Somalia

Medeshi Nov 18, 2008

Ethiopia - Scapegoat for defeat in Somalia
(photo: Destroyed Ethio Military carrier in Somalia)
Tedla Asfaw
The TPLF [Ethiopia] supported Somali regime is now cornered like rat in Mogadishu and Baidoa and to distract us from this defeat terror is declared on the Oromo nationals and many respected Oromos from various fields more than two hundred are locked up in jail in the name of fighting terrorism.
This is not a coincidence and it is the same TPLF tactics we saw many times. Who will forget the Christmas invasion of Somalia almost three years ago in 2005. That year was the year TPLF was told by million of voters to pack and leave power and what we got was more killing and imprisonment of thirty thousands of people in various prisons and many still are languishing in jail and thousands exiled.Here we come after three years of adventure in Somalia,TPLF is told by Somalis to go home and who is paying the price here ? The Oromos who are accused of being OLF members and sympathizers.. Ato Bultcha's led OFDM is peacefully challenging the regime and why is it now targeted ? This is just to divert us from the big event unfolding in our own eyes, the humiliation and defeat of TPLF in its own war far from home by Somalis.
We have also another diversionary story in the North of Ethiopia. Have you heard the killing of Shabia's forces by the Eritrean Afars who are fighting to take their land from Eritrea and join it with Djibouti? What a development, this story is circulated from the head quarter of the movement from Tigray's capital.
The battle in Somalia between Djibouti group, Asmara group, Al-Shabab and TPLF's groups will now widen and it will be fought in Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia and the major actors in these conflicts are Isaias, Meles and their puppets. What Meles doing now against the Oromo intellectuals and leaders is to strengthen his Oromo wing by going after those who challenged him peacefully in his own parliament. We all know what Meles did to the then president of Somali Region of Ethiopia after defeat in Ogaden.