Interview– Eng.Abdirahman Saylici, Vice Presidential Candidate

Medeshi Nov 24, 2008

Interview with Mr. Abdirahman Saylici, Vice Presidential Candidate, Kulmiye Party .

You are cordially invited to participate in this conference call hosted by Somaliland American Council.

The Keynote speaker is Mr. Abdirahman Saylici, Vice Presidential Candidate, Kulmiye
Date and time: Sunday, November 30, at 1 pm ET Time (6pm London time)

Agenda; State of Somaliland, Voter registration, & Upcoming Elections Keynote Speaker; Mr. Abdirahman Saylici, Vice Presidential Candidate, Kulmiye

To participate in this conference call please do the following: 1 - Call the conference bridge number: Dial-in #: (712) 432-1001 2 - Enter conference Attendee Passcode: 440-972-632 then (enter #) 3 - If you want to ask Mr. Abdirahman questions please email questions to:
Somaliland American Council


Despite the fact that there are numerous opportunities where Somaliland can protect the interest of the international community better than anyone else, the International Community has acted as an ostrich that buried its head in the sand about the acknowledgment and the recognition of the Republic of Somaliland. Clearly this is another case where Somaliland can protect the interest of the International Community in the redsea waters to eliminate piracy. The map above shows that Somaliland successfully eliminated piracy in its waters, but the area close to Yemen and Puntland state of Somalia are the areas where all the piracy incidents have taken place in 2008. This unacceptable levels of piracy off of the coast of Somalia is presented challenges for the International Community where some nations are completely routing their ships out of the redsea at great cost. It is time that the international Community pays attention to Somaliland to bring normalcy back into the redsea waters. Please look at the following map that shows the incidents of piracy in the redsea: This map is published by Internaitonal Maritime Bureau.
It is an open secrete in Somalia that Puntland state and its people has founded, administer, support, and protect the piracy in the redsea waters. The above map shows that all of the piracy incidents happen in the waters that are closest to the Puntland state of Somalia;The above map that shows lists of piracy incidents in 2008; this map is provided by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) [click the Live Piracy Map]