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Conflict resolution in Somaliland : Peace Petition

Conflict Resolution In Somaliland : Peace Petition
Coalition of Somaliland Crisis Group Release Petition with hundred of signatures urging to prevent any civil clash in Gabiley-Awdal area. Feb,14,2009
Petition to prevent any clash, discord or conflict in Ceelbardaale and surrounding area in Somaliland
Friday, February 14th 2009
"Every Somalilander must avoid any kind of clash in any form in Somaliland territory."
News Release
(Photo: Reer Guurayiyo Gabadh tima tidcaniWaa waxa dadkeena u gaar ahee la inagu garteeMaantey galadi noo toostey ee Gobonimadayada Guulow adkee : Nomadic girl infront of Somali dome and and pastoralist on the move )
For Immediate Release: Feb, 14, 2009
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After organizing two days campaign to gather more than hundred of supporters for this petition, Coalition of Somaliland Crisis Group received this outpouring of support from Somaliland communities around the world. This respond has strengthened our resolve and validate our belief that a silent Somaliland majority that was waiting ready, and eager to speak our emerging. Today we join together and speak as one “No need any clash in any form in Somaliland Territory"
* taking the necessary steps to preventing all attacks, threats and violent intimidation of civilians by any party or group, including both sides;
* respecting the livelihoods and property of the individuals and communities;
* ensuring the principle of good neighborhood and decent manner and valuable cultural heritage of peace loving and solving problem through dialogue.
*Protecting the rights of rural society in the area to cultivate their fields in stable and security.
*cooperating fully with current government and coming government alike to implement a sustainable peace in the area.
*appointing an independent commission of traditional Gurti to solve this dispute land through dialogue.
* Any involvement of violation of any kind of agreement should be reported to the appropriate authorities or current government and any one who commit this violation should be accountable.
Coalition of Somaliland Crisis Group plans to continue to gather signatures on their future website which will launch shortly, so please join and be part of the Gurmad. Send your support to our media partner at
The least you can be part of peace making effort is to forward this petition to a friend or publish in your site.

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