"I have a dream" Someday Somaliland will Emerge Strongly in Africa

Medeshi March 14, 2009
"I have a dream" Someday Somaliland will Emerge Strongly in Africa
Medeshi March 14 , 2009
"I have a dream" Someday Somaliland will Emerge Strongly in Africa Somaliland is a victim of unspeakable horror of African Union diplomacy, where diplomatic connections and unwritten traditional codes are strong; Somaliland Cause of independence is facing a significant obstacle from the union. The African leaders have failed to hear the voice of freedom of the people of Somaliland for the last 19 years.
Surprisingly, Somaliland struggle for freedom and liberty within African Union is much more difficult than that of 20th century against the white British. Somaliland, a former British Colony, won independence on 26th June 1960 from Great Britain, and mistakenly united with Somalia on 1st July 1960, just four days later. Thirty four African countries recognized Somaliland in these four days, but today after 19 years of struggle to get back its independence from Somalia, the African Union looks very stubborn toward Somaliland independence without having proper reason.
The African diplomacy is overlooking the democracy and social progress in Somaliland, in which Somaliland achieved without the support of African Union and International community. However, this is against the charter of African Union, which assures fair treatment and handling to all African issues.
As Luther Martin King Jr. said, "let us not stumble in the valley of despair. I say to you today, my friends, so even tough we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow." I still have dream that Somaliland will be independent one day, and children/citizens will get back their lost diplomatic rights and will freely move across the world with bride and dignity.
I have a dream, that Somaliland Passport will be most beloved travel document. Somaliland citizens and businessmen will trade freely, and students will join international universities with Somaliland High School Certificates. Somalilanders have lost all these rights due to African Union´s illegal diplomatic embargo on Somaliland.
African Union should stop alienating Somaliland and grant rights of life liberty to its citizens. The union, which is neutral to all Africans according to its charter, should look into Somaliland's cause without considering the traditional AU agenda of not accepting new members.
African Union protects the colonial border, but in other hand, rejects Somaliland based on colonial border. Is this logic? Can the union respect colonial borders across the continent except Somaliland? Somaliland government has submitted membership application to the African Union, and is waiting a positive reply from the union. Somaliland is demanding restoration of its colonial border.
Somaliland fulfilled all requirements of nationhood according to African Union and United Nations charters. However, it remains victim of no-reason because neither African Union nor United Nation is giving Somaliland clear reason to reject Somaliland´s statehood.
Some illogical people believe that the ´failed state of Somalia´ should not be divided or separated. But currently there is nothing called Somalia, and the country has fallen into its knees more than 20 years ago. Somalia sets an example of failure, without any sign of recovering from that failure. Somalia felt into endless comma, so why African Union is forcing Somaliland to wait Somalia until it wakes up from the comma? Will AU continue to force Somaliland to wait even for the next 100 years?
Current diplomatic embargo on Somaliland by the African Union, has alienated it from the rest of the world, and transformed Somaliland into jail. No freedom of movement, education and travel for Somalilanders due to the wrong African Union policies towards it.
The Somalilanders are forced to take-up foreign passports in order to travel freely across the world; the students cannot join international universities like Harvard and Oxford Universities with Somaliland Passport. This is result of diplomatic embargo on Somaliland by the African Union, who overlooked Somaliland demands of independence in last 19 years.
The qualified English-speaking professionals of Somaliland should identify them selves as citizens of Somalia, Ethiopia, or Djibouti…etc in the international job markets because their country, Somaliland, is not recognized diplomatically by African Union. This is creating mistrust in the hearts of these young men and women towards AU. What is it their mistake? Why they don´t have the right to say their true identity as a Somalilander? This is the unfair treatment of African Union and IGAD on Somaliland and its people.
Moreover, these misjudgments did not change Somaliland´s commitment towards better Africa; Somaliland is cooperative with all African countries and organizations. Many African countries have offices in Somaliland capital – Hargiesa, including Ethiopia. Somaliland has trade links with others.
"I have a dream" that Somaliland will overpower the poor policies and diplomatic discrimination by the African Union, and will create brighter future in its part of the world. "I have a dream" that Somaliland will be an oasis of peace and democracy in Africa, and an example to all Africans in development.
Today, overlooked minorities of USA – The African Americans, are making long waited history and occupy the highest post in the country. Barrack Hussein Obama is making history. And for Somaliland, the time will come that Somaliland will occupy the highest post in African Union – Chairman of African Union.By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi
Published earlier on Jan 20, 2009

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