We are pleased to announce that the second Horn of Africa Course will beheld from Saturday 20 June to Friday 26 June 2009, in Lamu, Kenya. For aprospectus and application form please write to horn.course@riftvalley.net
The Horn of Africa Course is a one-week, intensive, graduate-level,residential programme that provides a fast-track introduction to thehistory, political economy and culture of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti,South-central Somalia, Puntland, Somaliland and northern Kenya. The Courseis designed for aid workers, diplomats, peacekeepers, researchers,campaigners, business people and journalists, who are living and working inthe region or about to start. The course examines the historical andcultural patterns of this diverse region and the contemporary issues andchallenges faced by people in these countries. The residential nature of thecourse provides extensive opportunity for informal exchanges betweenstudents and teaching staff.
The course is taught by regional and international specialists. The Directorof Studies is Ken Menkhaus, Professor of Political Science from DavidsonCollege, and A prolific author on the region. The Course Director is MarkBradbury, author of "Becoming Somaliland".
The teaching staff on this year's course includes the following: LeeCassanelli, of the University of Pennsylvania, author of "The Shaping ofSomali Society"; Terrence Lyons, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolutionat the Institute for Conflict Analysis at George Mason University and authorof "Avoiding Conflict in the Horn of Africa: U.S. Policy toward Ethiopia andEritrea;" Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, Kenyan civic activist and peace builder andwinner of the 2007 Right Livelihood Award; Sally Healy OBE, Fellow ofChatham House and author of the recent report, "Lost Opportunities in theHorn of Africa: How Conflicts Connect and Peace Agreements Unravel"; JabrilIbrahim Abdulle, civic activist and Director of the Centre for Research andDialogue, Mogadishu; Kjetil Tronvoll, University of Oslo, co-author of"Brothers at War: Making Sense of the Eritrean-Ethiopian War".
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The Rift Valley Institute (RVI) is a non-profit research and educationalorganization working with communities and institutions in Eastern Africa,including Sudan and the Horn. RVI programmes connect local knowledge toglobal information, aiming to modify development practice. Programmesinclude field-based social research, support for indigenous educationalinstitutions, in-country training courses and a digital library. RVI Fellowsare academic specialists and practitioners in the fields of education,conservation, media, law and human rights. To unsubscribe from the RVImailing list please write to administration@riftvalley.net

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