Slaughtered by the enemy with permission of the TFG

Medeshi March 15, 2009
Slaughtered by the enemy with the permission of TFG
Al-Shabaab fighters have discovered what they described as the remains of thirteen bodies in a factory in Baidoa, south central Somalia.
Journalists and local elders were asked to come to the former factory of Hasey - about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) east of Baidoa - to see the bodies, allAfrica reported.
Al-Shabaab spokesman, Sheik Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansoor, said that he was saddened by the discovery, blaming the country's former government, the US and Ethiopia for the killing.
(Photo : Mass graves found in Baidoa)
"As you can see they have cruelly killed our brothers and this is the same thing jointly done by the governments of Somalia, Ethiopia and the United States," Abu Mansoor said.
He called on al-Shabaab fighters to investigate other compounds used by foreign soldiers to look for possible bodies of people, who may have been killed over the past two years.
Since the 1991 ouster of former dictator Mohammed Siad Barre, Somalia has not had a functioning national government and has been plagued by fighting and humanitarian crises.
In recent years, ensuing instability, coupled with drought, high food prices as well as the collapse of the local currency have significantly worsened the dire humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa state.

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