Medeshi March 13, 2009
Statement before the
Committee on Armed Services
United States Senate
10 March 2009
......In Somalia, the Transitional Federal Government will likely continue to weaken,
resulting in a further erosion of order. Largely ineffective, the Somali government is
incapable of addressing the social and economic causes contributing to the ongoing
piracy threat off the Somali coast. Unaddressed, piracy threatens to disrupt the flow of
humanitarian supplies as well as commercial traffic transiting off the Somali coast.

Warships from over a dozen nations currently conduct anti-pirate patrols in regional
waters and have apprehended over 40 suspected pirates this year; most have since been
transferred to Somali and Yemeni authorities for prosecution. Despite this, attacks
continue, but at rates lower than the peak of pirate activity in late 2008.
Read full assessment here: annual assessment

Qaar ka mid ah Ururada Bulshada Rayidka ah oo walaac ka muujiyay mudo dhaafka golayaasha deegaanada

Annaga oo ah Ururada Bulshada Rayidka ah ee Madaxa-banaan waxaanu si wayn uga walaacsanahay