Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ethiopia Damp (Gilgel Gibe) report

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Anthony Mitchell said...

Thank you for embedding the technical report on Gibe III here.

On a personal note, as someone who believes that Ethiopia should build more hydro-electric dams, it is to be hoped that Ethiopia can develop stronger capacity to site, plan, design, build and operate hydro-electric facilities—without an excessive reliance on non-competitive contracts awarded to foreign companies of questionable integrity.

The previous two hydro-electric projects before Gibe III (Gibe II and Tekeze) have already both failed to be built and operated as planned, with unfortunate financial consequences.

As described in the Gibe III report here, Gibe III poses more significant risks than either of its two aforementioned predecessors.

Smaller, better planned and less risky dams are cheaper and generally less risky than the high-stakes approach that Ethiopia has chosen to undertake to date.

Gibe III is definitely ‘the dam to watch’ in terms of a high-stakes project with big risks and unanticipated impacts. It is to be hoped that Gibe III does not give the entire hydro-electric industry a bad name.