Wings over Somalia

Friday, May 8, 2009
Wings Over Somalia
Latest from inside Somalia.
Unknown aeroplanes which are said to be low flying have been spotted tonight in various residential areas in Garowe [north-eastern Somalia], Puntland region. The true identity of these planes are not yet known, however, some have said that they belong to the American Navy based along the Somali coast and particularly Puntland and are fighting piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.
One of the planes flew at a very low range and could be seen by residents of Garoowe who are concerned about possible military operation that might be carried out by these planes along the Puntland coast.
US Navy UAVs are usually high altitude, so maybe its the Air Force?
A military operation inside Somalia wouldn't be something new, nor an unexpected event. The Bush administration hit high value Al Qaeda targets of opportunity in Somalia on several occasions, and I have seen no evidence that suggests that Barack Obama wouldn't do the same thing if the opportunity was there.
But I highly doubt it is related to piracy, there are many problems in Somalia and piracy doesn't rank #1.