Postcard from Somaliland: The Obama Restaurant & Cafe

Medeshi May 4, 2009
Postcard from Somaliland : The Obama Restaurant & Cafe
Holly Bailey
Yes we can… run into Obamamania everywhere.
Jeff Bartholet, Newsweek’s D.C. bureau chief (and your Gaggler’s boss—please forward all complaints to him, thank you very much) is traveling in Africa this week and stumbled upon the Obama Restaurant & CafĂ©—yes, named after that Obama—in Hargeisa, Somaliland. (This is an independent republic due west of Puntland, Somalia, an autonomous region where most of the pirates operate.)

Here’s Jeff: The owner, 35-year-old Mohammed Hassan, grew up in California and Oregon, but his family comes from what is now called the Republic of Somaliland. Hassan moved back to the city of Hargeisa three years ago. He says he wanted to "get away from Bush and Bushonomics for a while.